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Making aviation greener with Leonie

In January we had to say good bye to Leonie Becker. She did a great job during her 3 month internship advancing the hardware of our airship oblX. Read what she says about her time at roboloon:

Why did you choose to do your internship at roboloon?

I decided to do my internship at roboloon because I think airships are one of the most interesting topics in the aerospace area. It is an old concept that is currently under redesign in a small but very dynamic airship industry.

I like the vision behind roboloon in specific, building sustainable, autonomous blimps flying with green energy with their own solar panels.

I think it is a great idea to substitute humans with airships in dangerous maintenance tasks and to provide help with the challenges we will face with the emerging climate change.

What was unexpected for you when you started?

I was surprised by the familiar atmosphere and team spirit, you immediately felt like a part of the team.

Also, I like that you get in touch with lots of different engineering topics during your internship while keeping an eye on the big picture. Thus, you learn a lot in a variety of different fields.

Furthermore, you have a lot of responsibility and are able to change something. So your work does really have an impact.

What do you enjoy most during work?

The aspect I enjoy most about the work at roboloon is that you know your work is contributing to a technical solution that has the potential to help people and make the future safer and greener.

Working together with the other roboloon team members has also been great.

And l really enjoy the spirit of the airship and drone scene as well. At the UAV conferences it has been inspiring to see all these different visions for battling the biggest problems of the future and the mindset to help each other and collaborate.

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