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about   roboloon

Our vision is to

create an aerial robotic ecosystem 

that is sustainable and peaceful

and which anyone can call for help 

- instantly, at the touch of a button.

roboloon is a so called Transfer- and Founding Venture (German: Transfer- und Gründerunternehmung - TGU) at the TTI - Technologie-Transfer-Initiative GmbH of the University of Stuttgart, Germany. As such we are also affiliated to the Institute of Flight Mechanics and Flight Control (iFR) at the University of Stuttgart.

Our goal is to take ancient lighter-than-air technology to create autonomous aerial robots that can overcome the biggest hurdles of todays civil drone technology: flight-time and safety, without compromising for maneuverability.

Creating airship drones today means deep tech and a strong focus on software for us.

Pala Ahmed Portrait-_quadratisch_edited.jpg

Pala Ahmed

Co-Founder | Business & Software

As a mechanical engineer with focus on multibody dynamics, AI and Technology Management, Pala drives our business and creates the brain of our airship systems. 


Jajnabalkya Guhathakurta


Software engineer with 8 years experience in R&D of real time image processing and also a vetted entrepreneur.


Dr. Daniel Wibbing

Co-Founder | LTA & Automation

Working at Festo for 14 years, Daniel is an expert in automation technology and also brings in many years of experience in the domain of  lighter-than-air technology.


Wolfgang von Zeppelin

Manned Airship Expert

Relative of the famous Count von Zeppelin he has been the technical director of Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH and still has many ground breaking ideas for airships.


Prof. Walter Fichter

Flight Mechanics & Control

Professor at the Institute of Flight Mechanics & Control (iFR) at the University of Stuttgart. He is supporting unmanned aircraft and airship projects.

Voluntary Supporters

Mark Summers

Special Projects | Materials

Having built RC airships for over a decade, Mark has become an expert on 3D printing, hull materials, glues and ultra light weight structures.


Martin Zobel

Airship Drone Racer

Aeronautical engineer and race winner, who has taught many generations of students at TU Berlin how to make racing airships.


Jan Beck

Mechanics | Prototyping

Studying aerospace engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Jan is helping us to make oblX fly.


Nathalie Bergmann

Business Development

Studying aerospace engineering and dedicating a lot of her time to project-oriented voluntary work, Nathalie combines technical competence with a lot of enthusiasm for communicating with her partners and customers.

Portrait Sven Buchfelner - transparent_edited_edited.png

Sven Buchfelner

Mechanics | Aerodynamics

Aerospace Engineer with focus on physical modeling and drone design. Experienced with hybrid rocket and space projects as well as helping to take a product from CAD to market launch as a freelancer.


Javier Rodríguez Fernández

Mechanics | Aerodynamics

Aeronautical engineer with experience and accreditations in the full life cycle of aerospace programs and a great passion for unmanned aircraft.


Max Holzer

Business Development

Max already enjoyed communicating with his customers before he could even read or write and studying aeronautical engineering today, he really knows what he is talking about.

Arkadiusz Smyla Portrait_edited.jpg

Arkadiusz Smyla

Electronic System

Studying electrical engineering at the Esslingen University, Arkadiusz is electrifying oblX including the solar energy supply.

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