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Airship Regatta 2021 | FAI German Open F7B

Racing competitions are always an excellent means to show and push the boundary of what's possible with a technology and a wonderful place to meet like minded people. So our team participated in the FAI German Open F7B or "Airship Regatta" with three blimps this year:

  • little ghost 2: a very small and highly maneuverable blimp developed and flown by Mark Summers. Place 4 of 8.

  • astrX: the first blimp Daniel ever made, which is a silent_runner build from team Windreiter. Improved and flown by Martin Zobel. Place 7 of 8.

  • oblX_mini: a simplified small scale demonstrator of our 8 m outdoor airship oblX. This blimp is not really designed for racing but for maneuverability. Developed and flown by Daniel Wibbing. Place 8 of 8 ;)

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the organizers and helpers from aerarium e.V. who made this event possible. And a special THANK YOU to the father of airship racing: Johannes Eißing.

In case you want to get into airship racing as well but don’t know how to or don’t want to weld your own hull, we warmly recommend to visit

Airships Up!

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