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2024 - HERE WE COME! 💪

After losing two co-founders last year, we are more than happy to introduce you to our two new co-founders, Chris and Sebastian. Chris is responsible for the mechanical and systems engineering side while Sebastian is leading the software development.

Read what motivated them to join us in revolutionizing aerial inspections:


“As a sailor, I like to take the helm myself and reach faraway destinations with my crew. Now I want to lift the dream of light-hearted flying with the roboloon airships, for a cleaner and calmer future.”


“I'm really looking forward to starting my new job as CTO Software. As a control engineer, I am particularly enthusiastic about creating new concepts. I have been working in the aerospace industry for a few years now and have fallen in love with it. I am especially excited about channeling my full passion into roboloon.”

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