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Making Electrons fly with Arkadiusz Smyla

Here we are introducing our intern, Arkadiusz. Learn about his work at roboloon and why he preferred gaining experiences in our "garage" rather than in a polished office of a big company.

What are you doing at roboloon?

I contribute to reaching roboloon’s vision by helping to make oblX ready for his first flight. This includes various tests of the communication system and assembling the power electronics. Once the airship completes its maiden flight, I will get the opportunity to implement a renewable energy source, so that oblX can operate for longer up in the sky.

Why did you choose to do your internship at roboloon?

Because I think that the idea is great and original. While the concept of airships failed back in the past, it has a really good chance to solve inspection and environmental surveillance issues today in its miniature form. An airship also is a good competitor among all these regular, heavier than air drones that are being focused on right now.

What was unexpected for you when you started?

I didn’t expect that working in a flat hierarchy would save that much time in processes and that there is that much flexibility that doesn’t necessarily cost productivity. Working on complex tasks I also learned that finding simple solutions is more important than putting all my knowledge to work for an overly complicated approach.

What do you enjoy most during work?

The most enjoyable thing is to have the freedom of flexible work and to choose different solutions. And for the interpersonal aspects I really enjoy the honesty and politeness at roboloon.

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